Galaxy Supplement

Supplements. Taeg for powder, and beta glucan, an extract of Ganoderma lucidum, extracts of puree, and extracts of chili.

With the new discovery. “Grass worm or bucket for me,” the restoration of male sexual dysfunction. Popular herbs. Excellent and rare properties priced per kilo Comments 1 million baht

The main ingredients.
Worm grass for the main ingredient in the product Taeg Big Love.

Taeg Taeg Cordyceps sinensis is the scientific name for a herb that is very prevalent in China and Asian medicinal properties nourish the body. Herbal Taeg rent. Chinese herbs are toxic elements, warm scent has a sweet taste of the dirty skin, lung, kidney and skin tonic to relieve fatigue. Periodic maintenance for both yin – yang. And enhancing sexual performance for men Taeg rental is also known that “Herb was a symptom of weakness”.

Taeg records began for the first time in pharmacology textbooks. “Pึg for Cancun are five layers of pervious” bucket for the effect. This is because the combination of the worm with boletus mushroom spores, which is the larva of the caterpillar into a bat embedded underground to hibernate in the winter. And fungi that grow into the fibers. Based on the absorption of nutrients and minerals from the larvae of the worm. When the worm dies. It into spring. At the head of the worm to grow the mushrooms. Grass grew out of a tree. The wooden barrel-like appearance. Taeg be used for the drug. Worms and mushrooms to dry, then it Taeg rent is known as a worm grass.

I honor the five excellent medical (traditional Chinese medicine experts. From the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) said that the Chinese medical texts do not mention the sale of the tank. The year 1000 in a treatise on the properties that are yang, kidney, lung and blood from the lungs. Treatment of chronic cough. To strengthen the semen. Care of children and women. The menstrual blood to the wind.

Free Pass Taeg morning when I taste a little bit of a hot mineral resources to strengthen the quality of skin, lung and kidney. Is often used to treat the lungs and kidneys is not healthy. And who are coughing and breathlessness.

I had to treat patients with decreased kidney yang (or yang depletion is causing back pain, pain, cold fear, cold, frequent urination) as well as the symptoms of patients with liver dysfunction, resulting in a strong decline. The admission of 20 students showed up to 90% health and rehabilitation of sex up to 64%.

The latest research results. Found that this herb helps prevent cancer of throat and nose as well as substances like anti-biotic. Can antibiotics to help the mood. Calm the mind. I can not stop from Roppongi.

It was found in a tank rental. Enables the power of white blood cells to kill germs. Immunity to the bronchodilator properties of the body like adrenaline. When you go to relieve asthma symptoms. Testosterone helps to strengthen. For people with high blood pressure or shake. The heart beats very fast. The book of the rented Taeg Iae.

Dr. Somsak B. Arts Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, National. (BIOTEC / NSTDA.) Describes that data from the analytical laboratory. Taeg for many nutrients. The core of the spinning process (Cordycepin) Kidney effects. Stimulate the flow of blood. Help maintain the balance of chlorate of Cholesterol in the blood vessels. The effects of sexual energy.

The Benefit of the product Taeg Big Love.

  • Treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, tuberculosis symptoms or abnormalities in the lungs and heart.
  • Enhance the functioning of the liver and kidney antioxidant. The aging and deterioration of the cell body.
  • Reduce blood sugar levels. Reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Inhibiting bacterial toxin. The tuberculosis bacteria.
  • Cause the blood vessels. Increase the blood supply to nourish the heart and lungs. Increase oxygen levels and helps in blood circulation. Relieve chest pain. And fatigue.
  • Relieve hypoxia. And tranquilizers. Reduce blood cholesterol levels. Cancer cells. And increase the efficiency of the oxidation of cells.
  •  Prevent blood clotting. Symptoms of heart disease. And symptoms of neurological impairment.
  •  Has helped to stimulate circulation and mobility.
  •  Enhances male performance.
  • Help prevent memory loss. The death of brain cells.
  • Resistant and can help reduce the spread of cancer cells in laboratory animals. And the oxidation of the cells in the body.

The beta-glucan.

The benefits of beta glucan.

  •  Optimized to detect and destroy foreign substances that enter the body cells of the macrophage.
  • Secretion of cytokines such as interleukins to stimulate the communication between cells in the immune system.
  •  Stimulated secretion. colony-stimulating factors to increase the creation and growth of white blood cells, neutrophils and eosinophils from the bone marrow.
  •  Can help in the treatment of cancer.

Extracts from Ganoderma lucidum.
Ganoderma lucidum (English: Lingzhi) is a Chinese medicine (Chinese traditional medicine) used for over 2000 years since the Emperor Qin. Since Shi Huang. Ganoderma Lucidum is a rare, highly valued in Chinese herbal medicine. And have been recorded in ancient scriptures. “Simple and easy to dry out in front” which is the oldest texts of Chinese people’s respect. Said. Ganoderma lucidum is. “God of Life” (Spiritual essence) with amazing power. Is the elixir of health. Extending the longevity. Make your skin glow. You can also treat a wide range of diseases. The ancient Chinese praised Ganoderma Lucidum as a superior. Among the best Chinese herbs. In addition to its superior properties, but also any non-toxic, safe for the body.


In ancient times, Ganoderma is said to cause heart muscle cells. Make life more. The body. It is the elixir that has made me better. The senses are clearly better promote better blood circulation. The bright colors shine skin aging and other properties that were collected. Treatment of cancer and liver disease, hypertension, diuretic, blood pressure, both high and low. Infertility. Of impotence, allergic disease, epilepsy, blood clots in brain palsy, paralysis, pain on pain, gout, AIDS LED coronary artery stenosis, cirrhosis, hepatitis, menstrual pain, hemorrhoids, food poisoning, stomach ulcers and intestinal care. the vision and beliefs. Still carried on today.

Extracts of puree (Emblica Extract).

King of the fruits of its strength. Rich in vitamin C because most of the whole fruit puree extract. Is also a traditional herb that gives you infinite. Has been widely accepted in Europe, America and Asia.


  •   Rich in vitamin C (Vitamin C) and natural poly-phenol (Polyphenol).
  • Anti-oxidants. Creased to the enzyme in a Thomas Tryon (enzyme producing melanin, a dark skin), and Jim Thomas collagen (collagen-destroying enzymes), thereby protecting the surface from decay.
  •  Help delay premature aging and skin to clear up white light.

Extracts of chili.

Pepper also has many medicinal properties.

  •  The appetite. By stimulating the secretion of saliva increases. Enzymes in saliva help digest starch into sugar. Makes sense that food tastes better. Chillies also stimulate the stomach to move up.
  • Effect of capsaicin on the respiratory system, which is spicy chili. Cause irritation in the mouth and respiratory tract. Stimulate the pituitary. The mucus in the trachea or the airway can be easily excreted. Makes breathing easier.
  • Relieve pain. Ingredients from the peppers can be capsaicins pain. The trial of capsaicin cream to the skin capsaicins into the skin to cause the nerve cells and to reduce or delay the release of the neuropeptide substance P neurons sense the end. As a result, public perception of pain, the brain slows down. Reduces pain.
  • The blood vessels. When the pepper extract was applied to the skin, blood vessel growth and blood flow increases. Is often used as an ingredient in herbal balm.
  •  Capsaicin is effective against bacterial infection by inhibiting the growth of Bacillus cereus.

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